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Some sketches from my Instagram!

study of sketches from this post! :3

& also i am trying out manga studio *_* (i really like it!)


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im p sure my villagers are in a gang.. they may not look tough BUT WATCH YOUR BACKS

(hahahha i might be getting back into animal crossing again.. oops)

practice practice :D

This is a thank you drawing i sent to a family friend named Erika who took care of my dogs while my family and i were in the US! (i went to DISNEYLAND!!!!)

She’s an artist as well and she has always been a GIGANTIC inspiration to me, ever since i was really little! this is her blog if you want to check her out! she’s amazing!!! n_n
(side note: i tried to post from my iPod on my trip but it didn’t seem to be working, so sorry about that :< but i did post some random doodles on my instagram if you want to see! i just made it a couple weeks ago)

I am still taking requests for my Free Art Giveaway c: The details are on this post

Hellboy sketch for ilikestripez! It was really fun to draw him :)

MOM VS DAD- naming smash bros characters!!!!

okay so my sister and i interviewed our parents asking what some smash bros character’s names are and to see who got the most right… this is what they came up with!! my mom is the top and dad is the bottom!

RESULTS - (we gave .5’s for things like zelda as sheik)

mom: 10

dad: 6

its funny cos our dad is more of the “gamer” in our family ( ´∀`)

ps: i very rarely post things that aren’t art but i had to do this heheh