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the baes

hey btw i post a lot of my sketches on INSTAGRAM! uvu 

Sooo guys this is what my friend and i did at work today… Hahaha

If you were wondering, i just started working at a daycare and im really really enjoying it!! :3 its such a blast and all the people i work with there are awesome!

Some sketches from my Instagram!

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study of sketches from this post! :3

& also i am trying out manga studio *_* (i really like it!)


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im p sure my villagers are in a gang.. they may not look tough BUT WATCH YOUR BACKS

(hahahha i might be getting back into animal crossing again.. oops)

practice practice :D

This is a thank you drawing i sent to a family friend named Erika who took care of my dogs while my family and i were in the US! (i went to DISNEYLAND!!!!)

She’s an artist as well and she has always been a GIGANTIC inspiration to me, ever since i was really little! this is her blog if you want to check her out! she’s amazing!!! n_n
(side note: i tried to post from my iPod on my trip but it didn’t seem to be working, so sorry about that :< but i did post some random doodles on my instagram if you want to see! i just made it a couple weeks ago)