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I am still taking requests for my Free Art Giveaway c: The details are on this post

Hellboy sketch for ilikestripez! It was really fun to draw him :)

MOM VS DAD- naming smash bros characters!!!!

okay so my sister and i interviewed our parents asking what some smash bros character’s names are and to see who got the most right… this is what they came up with!! my mom is the top and dad is the bottom!

RESULTS - (we gave .5’s for things like zelda as sheik)

mom: 10

dad: 6

its funny cos our dad is more of the “gamer” in our family ( ´∀`)

ps: i very rarely post things that aren’t art but i had to do this heheh

My Free Art Giveaway is still open for requests! The details are on this post :D

Nightcrawler from X Men for strumpet-mccuddlemuffin. I’ve never read/watched X Men, so i’m pretty oblivious about Nightcrawler but i hope you like it :3

Free Art Giveaway !!

Hi you guys!! since i hit 30+ followers… i decided to draw some art for a couple of you!

All you have to do is send me a message of what you want (off anon) or reblog this post and write what you would like :3 the first couple people (most likely 3, if i get that many requests haha) will get a drawing of anything you’d like! (restrictions: nsfw, complicated background scenery or gore). also, you must be following me

OH & i’m on a trip right now so it might be a little wait!

Thank you all so much for following me, it really means a lot ;w; 

watched bolt last night! mittens and bolt as humans with ears

hi yummytomatoes !! this is a lil drawing of your cuties for you :3 i love red and sighs so much! i made red’s hair fluffy because it is humid ;w; thank you for being such an inspiration

another gravity falls fanart! wendy :D

watched how to train your dragon 2!! it was adorable would recommend 100% :D

used many refs!